Quality first
Development of distributed applications
& cryptocurrencies integrations
Development of trading bots for work on crypto-currency exchanges according to the client's trading strategies.

Development of blockchain projects from scratch, and also on the basis of BitShares, SteemIt, Exonum, Tendermint and HyperLedger.

Support for BitShares projects: creation of own exchange gateways, monitoring of operations, release and distribution of tokens, development of complete DEX-exchanges and wallets for BitShares projects and BitShares based projects.

Integration of blockchain projects with distributed services to reduce the size of the blockchain (ZeroNet, IPFS) or to achieve increased security for users of the final product: Tor, i2p, Kovri.
EOS Smart-Contracts
& DApps Development
Development of EOS smart contracts of various complexity levels: conducting ICO, AirDrop, games with tight integration of web applications with Scatter to create a positive user experience when interacting with DApp.
Outsourcing software development
We have a wide staff of developers and a rich experience in software development. We provide both the opportunity to develop your projects from scratch, and provide individual professionals to perform narrow tasks.

Mainly used technologies and languages:
Languages: Python3, GoLang, C++, Rust, JS, Node.js
Frameworks: Flask, Django, aiohttp, Boost
Databases: MongoDB, RethinkDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB
Libertarian way
We believe in the free market and the inviolability of private property, and therefore we prefer to develop projects focused on privacy and independent community projects: decentralized exchanges, solutions for the preservation of anonymity, XMR and ZEC crypto currency integration, Bitcoin (CoinJoin,, ZeroLink) and Ethereum (Mobius) .

If your project plans to have an open source code, not conducting ICO and will not be controlled by a private person or the state - we can develop and support at the cost of the team's work.