Who we are & what we do

KIANN GROUP is an association of professionals whose main task is the preparation, development, as well as the introduction of advanced technologies based on the blockchain, including adaptation with other promising projects on other blockchain technologies such as BitShares, EOS and "Ethereum".

One of the main tasks of KIANN GROUP is the development, preparation and implementation of developments in order to create the newest system of analytics in the market of innovative financial products. In the process of strategic forecasting of the development of each financial project, we apply not only a number of new tactics and techniques, but also modeling mechanisms.

Computer science & Software development
We carry out a full cycle of design, development, testing of software and support in the subsequent stages of operation.
Blockchain & Applied cryptography
Construction of new systems based on blockchain and DAG with various consensus algorithms, development of L2 solutions for optimization of resource costs, research of applied cryptography and private transactions mechanisms.
Machine Learning & Neural networks
Training of ready models with ensemble methods and neural networks for solving problems of various classes, such as stock markets prediction, political researches and others.
New ideas
& new opportunities
Company KIANN GROUP B.V. It is an excellent choice for participation in perspective projects of our company...
& Benefits
  • A group of highly qualified specialists
  • Promising and innovative projects and developments
  • Introduction of innovative IT solutions
  • Possibility of career growth for creative leaders and developers
Main & prospective
  • Global decentralized marketplace ecosystem EZZY
  • Implementation of advanced technologies for BitShares, EOS, IOTA and Ethereum
  • A wide range of financial products for business
  • The newest systems of analytics on the basis of neural networks
  • Modern and functional methods of international investment
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Initial Public Offering
Our main strategic goal is to transform KIANN GROUP B.V. in 2020 into a joint stock company to further prepare for the Initial Public Offering (IPO), which will be followed by quotation of the company's shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse). This strategy will ensure the dynamic development of the company and will open new markets for us in key countries: Germany, Switzerland, England, France, Denmark, USA, Australia, Japan, China, India.

The strategic partner for qualitative preparation for the upcoming IPO is the German investment bank "SCHNIGGE Wertpapierhandelsbank SE", which actively participates in the preparation and implementation of our strategy in terms of legislative regulation of the financial market. Trust from our partner in the implementation of KIANN GROUP B.V. is based on comprehensive monitoring of not only the participants and founders of the company, but also on the evaluation of our business model in general, including successfully implemented business ideas and projects. This professional approach is necessary, as the bank is responsible for conducting the IPO, both to the European Central Bank "ECB", and to the federal financial supervisory authority "BAFIN".